Organic Androids

Organic Androids

Organic Androids is a five-piece band based out of Nashville, TN. Following their formation in 2012, they began a journey to find their "sound" in Tuscaloosa, AL. OA's players have always had dramatically different influences and musical backgrounds. Ranging from Progressive Rock, Hip Hop, Blues, Electronica, to Opera and Classical contributions, their search has been one of diversity and connectedness.

Their first release "Organic Androids EP" found it's audience in early 2013, and it's process opened up opportunities that led them to Music City. There they began to find solid ground in the sound they had been in search of, and thus "Act 1" was born.

In recording "Act 1", OA learned who they were musically. They also became intimately acquainted with the professional recording process, allowing them to get ever closer to presenting what's in their minds. After carrying out every stage of the process from writing and tracking, to mixing and producing themselves, they released their vision in May 2015.

Following the promotion of "Act 1", OA decidedly transitioned in to their "new sound". They are a Hip Pop Rock band. Organic Androids is currently in the process of recording "One.", their first full length album at AutumnEve Records in Nashville, TN.

Justin Hammonds - Vocals

Jeremy Moulder - Vocals/Guitar

John McNair - Keyboards & Synthesizers

Drew Shelnutt - Bass Guitar

Grant Bramlett - Drums


AutumnEve Records, Nashville, TN



Graphic Art: Ty Christian